Beyond Campus

Welcome to Beyond Campus. Although this semester looks a little different, we are committed to helping you build community and get the full Michigan experience. Beyond Campus is a collection of virtual offerings from across campus to help students meet people and make connections, even if you cannot physically be on campus.

Why should you engage in a virtual community?

Strong connections with other students can help you:
– Develop a sense of belonging
– Prevention loneliness and isolation
– Stay motivated in course work
– Share resources with peers
– Succeed academically
– Learn more about UM culture while away from campus
– Stay connected to campus updates
– Personalize your Michigan experience

For Students:

This one-credit, seven-week course connects you to community, campus, and an array of resources. Facilitated by upper-level students, ALA 171 helps you navigate your new environment, connect with other first-year students, and build skills for career and leadership opportunities.

Audience: First Year Undergraduate Students
More information: First Year Experience

Virtual Conversation Circles are designed to create connections among international students and scholars at U-M, beat the isolation, and boost morale during this difficult time. Each circle consists of six participants and is led by a facilitator, a highly fluent English language speaker. Virtual Conversation Circles meet via an online platform which is convenient and available to all participants in a given circle to talk about any topic of interest, play games, and share pictures and videos.

Audience: Students and Scholars
More information: LSA English Language Institute

In preparation for the Fall 2020 semester, the University of Michigan is seeking ways to best adapt to social distancing measures while providing students with a high quality educational experience. The COVID-19 Campus Challenge is one method we are using to collect student voices. The purpose of the Challenge is to encourage student input and to develop creative solutions that allow for a public health-informed fall semester with as much in-person instruction as possible.

Audience: Students
More information: College of Engineering
Contacts: Jeanne Pearl Murabito & Laura Blake Jones, Ph.D.

International GSIs improve classroom communication skills and practice reflective teaching methods while, at the same time, receive language and teaching feedback from peers, undergraduates, and instructors. Participants increase awareness and control of the language of the classroom, explore current pedagogical theories, and practice a diverse array of teaching skills in a realistic classroom setting in front of current U-M undergraduates. Participants also learn about the University of Michigan’s diverse undergraduate population, campus culture, and resources.

Audience: Graduate students from non-English-medium undergraduate universities who expect to assume graduate instructor duties in LSA departments in the next academic year
More information: LSA English Language Institute

The U-M International Center offers virtual events and workshops throughout the year on topics of interest to international students and scholars, and American students seeking information on studying, working, or traveling abroad.

Audience: Students
More information: International Center

Develop unique opportunities by participating in student organizations or events. Many student organizations will be meeting and holding events virtually this year. Explore over 1,600 student organizations on Maize Pages to find something that meets your interests.

Audience: Students
More information: Maize Pages, Center for Campus Involvement

Weekly virtual workshop aimed at first-year students on Fridays.

Audience: First Year Graduate Students
More information: Rackham Graduate School

Meet with different campus organizations and departments at our information fair. Learn how you can connect with them throughout the year and the resources these groups can offer during your time at Rackham.

Audience: Graduate Students
More information: Rackham Recruitment and Graduate Student Engagement

Graduate Rackham International (GRIN) aims to develop an inclusive and diverse student-run organization to improve the experience of all graduate students, especially those who identify as international and/or multi-ethnic/racial/cultural at the University of Michigan. We support connections and social involvement among students across cultures and programs of study.

Audience: Graduate Students
More information: Graduate Rackham International

The WISE book club will bring small groups of upper-class students together, lead by a graduate student, to discuss STEM, complex identities, and how to use strengths to work toward equity and inclusion. The group will meet virtually over winter break starting in January.

Audience: Students with Junior standing and above with any STEM affiliation
More information: WISE Book Club

Connect with classmates via GroupMe

Audience: Students

More information: Find your GroupMe

For Faculty and Course Instructors:

It is essential that university faculty and support staff ensure how students and faculty with disabilities have equal access to remote instructional resources. This page is a growing document and guide.

Audience: Faculty, course instructors, support staff
More information: Accessibility

A compilation of guides, resources, and strategies to help teach remotely.

Audience: Faculty, course instructors, support staff
More information: Online Teaching at U-M